Starting Again

Hi friends! Last weekend, I pulled out my printmaking supplies. As I began carving into the new block, I remembered everything I love about block printing... the quiet, almost meditative work of carving, followed by the sounds of the ink being rolled out, and the surprise of the first test print. Good stuff. I'm excited to dig back into my work.

Above is a sketch that I drew last fall of an anemone, and the first test print from the block that I carved this week. I'm beginning to share more process shots, and things I notice during my day on Instagram. I'd love to have you join me there

My favorite instagram feed lately is @ihavethisthingwithfloors. It is full of pattern and color inspiration - I could get lost for hours scrolling through this feed and sketching.

image and recipe from two peas & their pod blog

This morning we made these Orange Ricotta Chocolate Chip pancakes (found on Pinterest) and they were SO delicious! I highly recommend giving this recipe a try - thumbs up from our house. 

Until next week friends - I'd love to know what you are working on this week!

Buried Treasure

During my lunch break today, I spent a bit of time digging through my storage boxes to pull out some of my favorite old blocks. I've taken such a nice long break from my printmaking, that I'd forgotten about some of these!

When I stopped running my business full-time, I admit, I was burned out - though mostly from sewing night and day. My fingers are finally itching to do some carving and I've been gathering ideas for new prints for a while. New things coming soon! Very exciting... glad to be back in this space.

This & That

Hello there! I'm happy to be back in this space and looking forward to sharing some new work and inspiration with you. I thought I'd start simply, since simple is what I do best, with just a couple of things that caught my eye this week.

I'm hoping to get into my kitchen to make this salted chocolate, raspberry and pistachio deliciousness... & ...the simple, striking pattern on this dress caught my eye (just the pattern people!).

I hope you have a lovely weekend - I'm looking forward to a bit of birthday cake and time with friends and family.

Hello :: Meander Works


One of my favorite perks as Project Coordinator at Aeolidia is that I am constantly introduced (or reintroduced) to makers all over the world. I thought it would be fun to take some time here to introduce you to the work that I get to see everyday.

Last month, the new website for Meander Works  was launched, and I am in love with Marilyn's line of metal jewelry! Using recycled metals, Marilyn shapes, solders and polishes each piece by hand. Uniquely beautiful.

When you buy from Meander Works, I want you to feel good knowing you have a high quality piece of consciously constructed jewelry, meticulously designed and made specifically with you in mind.
— Marilyn Brogan

Road Trip

Oregon Road Trip

Every year the end of summer sneaks up on me - the sun begins to set a little earlier, the calendar starts to fill up again and my children go back to school. They are back in school tomorrow morning and I'm sitting here with my cup of tea, finally going through some of our summer photos.

We had lots of great day trips and fun this summer, but our best time was spent on the road. We took a family road trip to Oregon and came home ready to go back soon. 

A few highlights: 

  • empty roads - these make road trips so much more relaxing
  • white water rafting on the rogue river (class IV!!) 
  • ken's artisan bakery - good food is fine and good, but give me a good pastry and cup of coffee and I am one happy woman
  • powell's books  - yes, we had heard how good it is, but we had no idea just how great it really is. next year, we'll budget more time for this place...
  • the columbia river gorge - we took the columbia river scenic highway on our way to multnomah falls and were able to stop at the vista house and a couple of the other falls along the way. It was amazing, absolutely the loveliest drive I've ever taken. 
  • time, lots of time with our kids - and the stranger who came over to us in a cafe to tell us how delightful they are. really - i am a blessed woman.  

Mood | May

may mood.jpg

Ah, the month of May. It is so immensely beautiful outside that it is hard to do the things we have to do: work, school, dishes, carpool... but the sun stays out longer each day so that we are able to handle these things and still find time to go for a walk outside, take the kids out for ice cream and get the veggie garden in the ground.

May has been a good month for us - my son turned 12 (which I cannot believe!), my husband graduated from grad school (!!!), my daughter ran her first 5K, and I am starting my second month in my new job. Have I mentioned that here? I love my new position as project coordinator for Aeolidia (and I am once again working from home, which is such a blessing).

So this May, I'm in the mood to take a break with some tea and cookies, enjoy a gorgeous day by an open window and be thankful.

images: it is well, orange and pistachio cookies, home of Sophie Schellekens, stoneware mugs

The Makerie


I've been home from The Makerie for two weeks and have finally found some time to share with you what a wonderful time I had! I've never been to Boulder before and it is a beautiful small city. (I was able to spend a few hours downtown, had a great meal and walked through some lovely shops.) The weather treated us well, snowing before and after the weekend, but not during. And, it was such a treat to be taken care of for a few days - the meals were delicious, the cabins were warm and comfortable and the people were so much fun!


On Friday and Saturday, I taught Inky Fingers (block printing on fabric and paper) and was absolutely amazed by what my students were able to create in one day - many of whom had never carved a block before! So many of them left the class with plans to do more printing... and I can't wait to see what they create. I also left with ideas of my own and renewed energy to get back into my studio.


Above are just a handful of the prints that were created during the weekend. Beautiful! This is why I love the art of block printing - it is so accessible and easy to get started.

*photos by Linda Winski

Coiled Baskets

coiled basket.png

My daughter is in fourth grade, and in California that means she is studying the California Missions. For her mission project, she chose to make a traditional coiled basket, using the same basic technique that the Ohlone Indians at the missions used. The basket above represents hours of work, and is only about four inches in diameter. Helping my daughter with this project gave me a new appreciation for this art form.