What to do with Washi Tape

Last month I took my parents to the local Kinokuniya store, where I picked up my first rolls of Washi tape.  The first thing my mom said was, "It's pretty, but what do you do with it?"  Well, you stack it up and it looks pretty, of course!  But over the past few weeks, I've started thinking about what to do with washi.  

It makes a great flag in magazines and library books because it comes off easily.

I also used it to decorate my new moleskin.

It can be used instead of ribbon to add a bit of color to a lampshade.

It makes a plain plastic bracelet a little more fun.

And, it works great as an aid for product photos.

Washi tape is perfect for any project that isn't meant to be permanent.  It isn't as sticky as other tapes, so you can generally stick it on something and it will come off easily. (You should always test anything you're using to be sure of this ahead of time.)

Other ideas from around the web: 

Two online shops with a great selection of washi tape are Happy Tape and Pretty Tape.