Blog It Forward : Inspiration

I'm delighted to be joining in the great Blog It Forward mash-up today.  For this mash-up there is a group of 300 bloggers, and each of us will be taking turns writing about what inspires us personally.  

I sat down last night and thought about my inspirations, simply writing them down as they came to mind.  I've decided to share that simple list with you and then a few images that represent some of these thoughts:

couples who happily grow old together (via)

artwork that stands out quietly (via, via)

handmade pottery with imperfections that make it more beautiful (via, via

simple meals made with real food (via, via, via)

useful things from another time that are worn with the marks of people who've gone before us (via)

Oh my; once I get started with this, I could keep going on for ages, but with 300 bloggers sharing their inspirations, there will be ample opportunity to find something that inspires you.  You can find the whole schedule of bloggers here, and please visit Good Good who shared before me yesterday, and Green Chair Studio who will be sharing on Monday.  

And of course, if you are feeling inspired and want to join in, please leave a comment to let me know.  I'd love to see what inspires you.