DIY: Cherry Blossoms

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This time of year I begin to long for Spring and all of the gorgeous blossoms that come with it.  It's a bit too early to see the early blossoms of cherry trees, but I found some great photos on flickr (click the links above), and I decided to make a few stems to brighten up the kitchen for a few days.

First, I sent the kids outside to gather twigs and branches from around our house (and the neighbor's).  I decided to use crepe paper streamers to make the blossoms as it is a bit sturdier to work with and has a nice texture.  The kids and I cut the streamers into squares and then pinched them to make blossoms.  Then we looked for places on the branches where blossoms would naturally grow and glued our blossoms on with craft glue.  The result is remarkably lovely, though I will still look forward to the real thing....soon!