This is one of my favorite times of year, when nurseries begin to get in new stock for Spring and you can find new things each week.  Rather than loading up with a car full of plants, I like to visit more often to pick up a few things.  This is not only easier on the pocket book, but I end up with a nice selection of plants that bloom throughout the year.  This year I was determined to finally have a hellebore.  They are easily one of my favorite plants; their flowers droop down and tend to blend in to the background, so I decided to plant one in a pot and to give it a special place in my yard.  

1. helleborous foetidius, 2. Hellebores at UVa Peabody Hall, 3. hellebore 2, 4. Hellebore, 5. Hellebore, 6. Green Hellebore

There are so many amazing varieties of this beauty that it was tough to choose just one.