Madame Curio

When I was putting together my inspiration board, I found a photo of a bust, used as a place to show/store necklaces, so last night I pulled our pretty lady out of the cupboard and made my own version.  Yes, I just happened to have one; my husband and I bought her a number of years ago (he says she reminds him of me) and she lived happily in a bookcase in our old home, but she had been neglected and I'm delighted that she's now found a new home.

My daughter helped me choose from my jewelry and when we were finished she said that the lady is very posh. She picked up that word from watching Charlie and Lola, and it is her highest form of praise.  The first time I took her into a J.Crew, she said, "Mommy, I love this store.  It's so posh."  I think it's the necklaces and ribbons that make something posh in her eyes.

If you don't happen to have your own posh lady in the cupboard, there just happened to be a great DIY project on Design Sponge this week that, it turns out, was based on the same photo I used on my inspiration board.