A New Refrigerator

photo via body & soul

Each month offers a chance at a new beginning, a new beginning for my refrigerator.  I want to have healthy snacks at the ready for myself and my family.  I want to plan ahead for meals.  I want to remember to drink enough water during the day.  So this month, before the paycheck has all been spent, I'm going to spend a little time making my refrigerator over.  There is a great article on the Body & Soul website about what kinds of food should go in your refrigerator, so I decided to focus on how to store all that good food.

1. flip and tumble produce bags  2. vintage glass containers  3. frigoverre glass pitcher  4. weck canning jars

First, let me say that I do not think you have to go out and buy lots of new containers in order to organize your refrigerator.  However, just like a new pair of running shoes can draw you back outdoors, I think that a few new things can inspire new behaviors.  I love the idea of taking my own produce bags to the store with me and I would like to begin to collect some glass storage containers; they are healthier (no BPA) and last longer than plastic (provided you're not terribly clumsy).