Garden Anywhere

"When you build a little, dig a bit, plant a little, harvest often, and, more important, don't try to do it all at once, nature works with you."

I love this quote from my new favorite gardening book, Garden Anywhere by Alys Fowler.  This book is not only beautiful, but is full of fun ideas whether you have an enormous garden or a tiny patio.  One of the focuses of this book is on not spending a fortune to get the garden you want:  "Gardening is something you do, not something you buy."

I especially liked the ideas in the book for finding unwanted materials and re-purposing them for your garden. Finding old wine boxes and using them as garden containers is a great idea; I think lettuces would look especially pretty growing in wood containers like this outside my kitchen.

This book stands out in my collection of gardening books because it takes some of the science out of gardening and just makes it fun.  And for those of us who love to garden, it is the fun of cutting our first lettuce, bringing in a flower that we grew, or watching a space transform over time that makes us continue to head outside to get our hands dirty.