Find Your Own Way

Do you still remember the time when you had to use a paper map to find your way. There were no electronic machines to tell you whether or not you were lost. There were no websites to check before trying out a new restaurant. You had to rely on instinct; you had to find your own way. Well, I'm still one of those people who drives without a machine to tell me the way, and as a result sometimes I make a wrong turn. And every once in a while, that wrong turn is just right. The other day I made a wrong turn and found my new nursery; it's the nursery that has crunchy gravel for my feet, all of my favorite plants, and a staff who points out the baby hummingbirds in the nest to my children. If I had relied on friends, neighbors, or electronics, I wouldn't have found this new place, my place.

Every once in a while, I think we should try to find our own way. Try a restaurant that no one recommended to you, drive through a town without a machine telling you where to go, and you just mind find your own way.