Printmaking 101 :: Definition

I've mentioned here many times that I am a self-taught artist, printmaker to be more specific, and though I feel like I've stumbled onto something that I am innately good at, I am often wary to tell people that I am a printmaker. Why? Inevitably the question that follows is: "What is a printmaker?" Even though I can answer that question to some degree, I often stumble and end up telling people that I make fancy stamps, which is so much less than what I really do. 

So, I'm embarking on a new series on this blog, for myself and for you, which will explain what printmaking is and might even explore its history a bit. Doesn't that sound fun? Above are the only two printmaking books I own, Lotta Prints and Printing by Hand. These books are both fantastic, but I'm hoping to dig just a bit deeper into the subjects here; if you are a printmaker and have other suggestions regarding books I should find/read/dig into, I would love to hear them in the comments. 

For today, I thought I'd begin with a simple definition:

 Noun. printmaking

  • the design and production of prints by an artist
  • artistic design and manufacture of prints and woodcuts, silkscreens, and intaglio