Sweet Spots :: In the Kitchen

I love the blogging world and all of the inspiration it offers, but sometimes it's important to take a step back and appreciate what we have, in this moment. Your home is the place where you take care of your family, laugh with your friends, cook a great meal, dig in the dirt, and generally enjoy the majority of the moments that make life sweet. So, this week, I am going to share the sweet spots in my home, the things I love about this place that shelters me from the storms of life. 

I love the wall of windows in my kitchen that looks out to the courtyard. It's fun to work in here and watch the hummingbirds visit.

I appreciate the sliding kitchen cabinet doors in this home. I have not once hit my head on the door after leaving it open. (This used to be a big problem of mine!)

And I adore the hutch in my dining room where I keep all of my favorite collections. 

I would love to see your sweet spots this week too! Leave a comment with a link to your flickr photos or blog posts if you decide to join in the fun.