Valerie Roybal

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had a bit of time to relax and have some fun this weekend. I'm quite busy in the studio, but am trying to take at least a few minutes each day to do something fun. I did put my feet up this weekend while catching up with a few blogs and fell in love with the embroidery work of Valerie Roybal. Her portfolio is full of colorful, engaging work, but it is her embroidery that I found most fascinating. 

My embroideries are drawings with thread, non-traditional in the sense that I do not use or start with a pattern, or a set idea of what the drawing is to become. Several of these drawings are part of a series called "Inevitability," of which I'm interested in capturing the intricacies of natural forms such as diatoms, radiolaria, and objects and creatures imagined, The series began with inspiration from the studies of Ernst Haeckel, a naturalist and artist (among other things) who fantastically captured and published natural history from the mid-nineteenth to early-20th century.  (Valerie Roybal, from her flickr set)

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