Kathryn Clark

Last week when I shared a few sweet spots in my home, Kathryn Clark left a comment with a link to her own sweet spots. When I clicked over to visit her site, I was immediately drawn to her work. It has a thoughtful simplicity; I am most intrigued by her idiom series.

The Idiom Series renders literally the idioms of everyday language. Phrases spoken casually without much thought as to their origin and literal expression. I remake the essence of such phrases using simple, basic materials.
Hand felted wool, steel wire, embroidery thread and twine on sewn linen and silk. (from Kathryn Clark website)

My two favorite pieces in the series are above: Up and Out and Over and Over Again. I'll be watching Kathryn's process on her blog and through her flickr stream. Lovely.

all photos via Kathryn Clark