For Good Measure: Daisy Janie

Thank you for inviting me to contribute to your wonderful blog, Sam! I love the concept of Good Measure – what a fab philosophy! When I was pondering something to share, I found it surprisingly challenging. It seems all the extras I do for good measure are things I have indoctrinated so seamlessly into my life that I don’t notice them at all! One afternoon, I was playing cards with my 12-year-old son I had a eureka moment: “Cards! That’s it!”

We purposely put decks of cards everywhere – dining room table, family room, glove box, handbag, pool bag - you name it! My husband and I grew up playing a lot of family games, and cards were definitely in the mix! As parents, we have shared this love of card games with our kiddo. We are very spontaneous with it, too; someone will grab a nearby deck and just start dealing all 3 of us in to whatever game the person calls out. Sometimes, while we’re still goofing around at the table after a meal, we’ll hit a quick game of Gin or Bloody Knuckles. If the cards weren’t sitting there, poised and waiting within easy reach, I don’t think we’d play half as much as we do! The laughter, the bonding, the lack of ‘agenda’ is a treasure to me – so worth leaving the decks around here and there for good measure!

Jan is the designer and owner of Daisy Janie, organic cotton fabrics, printed with modern, original designs.