For Good Measure: Trampoline

Today, you're in for a treat from Kim Ludy, the talent behind the gorgeous vintage shop, Trampoline. 

I'm a bit of a collector of all things....seems if I have one, I have at least ten.  Recently I noticed that I had accumulated quite a bit of string, twine and tape for wrapping packages for the shop. I decided to scout around for small pieces to keep them corralled and accessible and besides, organizing keeps me sane and it makes everything look more pretty...who can argue with that!

Old jars and bottles make great see-through storage for string.  Just drill a hole through the lid and feed it through.  This old drink shaker can hold a bunch!

Vintage planters and vessels that already have some sort of hole are perfectly suited to keep twine from unraveling and tangling.

Old industrial and laboratory pieces once used for other things....

I love taking in bits of nature and using them for organizing.  Scrap bits of wood, discarded wire and even a set of antlers do double duty on a work table.

Just a little something I do for good measure....

Thanks for having me Sam...enjoy your time away!