Simple Is Beautiful

I've always loved this letterpress poster by Douglas Wilson. The idea that simple is beautiful runs through my mind every time I'm creating new work, designing banners or business cards, or even working on my website.

Three years ago, I started my first blog, which over time became my website. Eventually, I moved my site over to squarespace because I love the clean formatting it provides. Over time, though, it was so easy to add banners, links, photos, ads, etc, etc, etc, until my website felt cluttered. On Saturday afternoon, it started to rain and while my kids were happily reading, I started cleaning up my site. I started by moving to one column. Now, on each page, the reader can really focus on the content of just that page. I've added important links to the bottom of the contact and blog pages and re-written and formatted the rest of the pages. I'd love to know what you think. For me, simple is beautiful.