Brown Butter Cookie Company

A couple of weeks ago while we were on vacation, we stayed in the small beach town of Cayucos. Every time we exited the highway, I saw a sign pointing the way to The Brown Butter Cookie Company, so we decided to stop by on our last day in town. The building itself is adorable, and I was delighted with what we found inside.

When you enter you are met with the smell of freshly baked cookies and lovely people who greet you as they are rolling cookies in the back. There is a small storefront inside, but most of the space is a working kitchen where several people are making, rolling, baking and sprinkling (with sea salt!) the most delicious cookies. The company was started by two sisters and is just the kind of small business I am happy to support.

My favorite cookies were the gluten free cocoa mint; my husband was partial to the bourbon variety, but honestly, we tried every free sample they handed us and they were all delicious! 

all photos from The Brown Butter Cookie Company