Aprons for Everyone

Today is a great day; I'm so happy to introduce my new collection of aprons to you. For months, I've been working on these designs, taking what I've learned making aprons over the past three years in order to make the most lovely, functional aprons. The apron above is my favorite, the day apron. It wears like a comfortable dress and the ties are adjustable in the front so that it truly fits everyone.

I'm also introducing two versions of the half apron, one short and one long depending upon your mood. The two colors above are also new.

And my popular full apron has been updated with a straighter cut in the front and a new shorter version as well. I would love for you to take a look at all the aprons in my shop.

Just for fun, here are five reasons to love your Inklore apron:

  • Inklore aprons never have ties around the neck, so they are super comfortable.
  • Linen aprons wear exceptionally well and always look chic.
  • Every apron has self ties (linen) which will never come unravelled.
  • All of the pockets are lined so that crumbs have nowhere to hide!
  • If you forget to take your apron off before you leave the house, no worries, everyone will think you are starting a new trend.