Grandma's Bread Box

Did your grandmother have a bread box? Mine did; I think most people did until they went out of fashion for some reason. The only problem with grandma's bread box is that things were sometimes forgotten in there, something that isn't a problem in a house with two hungry children. 

After years of trying to store bread in drawers, or in the refrigerator (not the best way to maintain the texture of bread), I decided I'd like to try a breadbox. My parents graciously gave me one for Christmas (even though they couldn't believe I wanted one) and I have to say, I'm in love. Not only does it keep our sandwich bread well, it's large enough to hold leftover french bread or an open box of crackers. And, everything is neatly tucked away. Some of the things our grandmothers did still make so much sense.

Polder Bread Box