Printmaking Project: For Little Ones


Every once in a while, one of my children's drawings will catch my attention because I can see that it would make a perfect block for printing. I thought I'd share with you how to turn a child's drawing into a block, a perfect way to share your children's artwork with family and friends. For this project, Henry the turtle, drawn by my daughter, is the star.  *more notes are at the end of the post*

  • I used a product called EZcut as my block material; safety cut is similar and can be cut to size
  • A Speedball lino cutter is a great beginner tool for block printing.
  • To transfer the drawing to the block (if using a charcoal pencil), simply rub the back of the drawing with your hand onto the block - easy!
  • We printed Henry onto a cotton tote bag using fabric screenprinting ink, and a foam stencil brush to apply the ink to the block. 
  • I like to print on a hard surface - kitchen counters, a flat desk, even a hard floor work well. Simply protect the surface with a bit of fabric.
  • Have fun!