The Makerie


I've been home from The Makerie for two weeks and have finally found some time to share with you what a wonderful time I had! I've never been to Boulder before and it is a beautiful small city. (I was able to spend a few hours downtown, had a great meal and walked through some lovely shops.) The weather treated us well, snowing before and after the weekend, but not during. And, it was such a treat to be taken care of for a few days - the meals were delicious, the cabins were warm and comfortable and the people were so much fun!


On Friday and Saturday, I taught Inky Fingers (block printing on fabric and paper) and was absolutely amazed by what my students were able to create in one day - many of whom had never carved a block before! So many of them left the class with plans to do more printing... and I can't wait to see what they create. I also left with ideas of my own and renewed energy to get back into my studio.


Above are just a handful of the prints that were created during the weekend. Beautiful! This is why I love the art of block printing - it is so accessible and easy to get started.

*photos by Linda Winski