Hello there! I've been taking time in the evenings to sketch and test out some new ideas. The cactus print above is from a quick sketch of an idea; I quite like this one, and want to pull a real print to see what it looks like in a frame. As I was carving this one, my daughter asked if she could try carving a block. Of course! She drew the phone you see - I told her there were some bits that would be tricky for a first block, but she is fearless as an artist and went for it. Pretty fantastic for a first print I think! 

The floral block on the right is from the spark of an idea I've had to carve linocut tiles. We'll see - I'm on the fence about this one, but it's fun to play with the idea. 

When I walk in the morning, I like to listen to podcasts and this week I listened to a Pencil vs Pixel podcast with Marc Johns. I'm a fan of Marc's work, and the podcast is definitely worth a listen! A few favorite lines from Marc:

I love the organic quality of a good line and I'm kind of obsessed with good lines. 
Scribbles. I love a really good scribble, you know?
Whether it’s my kid or Jackson Pollock, there’s something beautiful about that and you can’t replicate that. I think everybody has a beautiful scribble. 

Yes, here's to beautiful scribbles! I'll be scribbling away on Instagram this week - I'd love to see your beautiful scribbles too.