Stand Out Quietly

samantha hirst favicon

I was recently updating my website with new fonts, colors, etc. and as I was putting things together I created the favicon you see above, which is made from my initials (obviously). The only little hiccup is that my initials spell shhhh (be quiet).

I tried out a few other ideas and kept coming back to the use of my initials; the simplicity of this choice appealed to me. And then I remembered one of my favorite pieces of press, from my days as Inklore:

she stands out in the best way... she stands out quietly... you can see the time, heart, and thoughtfulness sam puts into each and every one of her inklore pieces (Mrs. French, Bliss)

I loved this idea of standing out quietly then, and I still do. My work, like the natural or useful items that inspire it, is meant to be quiet... peaceful, calm, still. Yes. And so, if you want to remember me and my work as being quiet, that is just fine with me.

PS - another post I shared last year about Quiet