See. Draw. print.

From the spark of an idea to a final print, here is a peek at how it all comes together...

In a daily quest to find time to slow down, I spend as much time as I can in nature: hiking the hills near my California home, gardening in the small bits of space I have and bringing as many plants and flowers into the house as I can manage to keep watered. I enjoy studying the botanicals that surround me, and spend time sketching the ones that catch my interest. I am a self-taught printmaker, but am determined to master my own linocut process, continually working on new ideas and stretching the boundaries of what I know I can do, all in an effort to capture the beauty of my surroundings in prints that you can enjoy in your own home.

What is linocut printmaking? Linocut is a form of relief printing - In a relief print, it is the raised portion of the block that is inked and printed. I use a soft block material, and carve away all of the areas that will remain white. I then roll ink onto the surface, place paper over the surface and transfer the image by rubbing the back of the paper with a bamboo baren. My favorite moment in the process is when I pull the first print, pulling the paper away from the block to reveal the image created. As a linocut printmaker, each print I create is an original piece of art - made with my hands for your home. 

dogwood branch sketch


I love to work from real life - gathering inspiration and sketching the things around me: plants, flowers and everyday objects. 

linocut blocks by samantha hirst


Once a sketch has become a final drawing, I transfer the drawing to my favorite carving material and carve the lino block. 

tulip tree branch print by samantha hirst


Pulling prints is my favorite part of the process! Because my process is entirely done by hand, there are subtle nuances and variations in each print—it’s this uniqueness that I love so much.


Final Products

At the end of it all is the finished product: Beautiful, original art prints for your home, that can be part of your life every single day.

Made With Integrity

I value working locally, ethically, and responsibly. All of my work is created in my home studio, using natural, non-toxic materials fit for your home. Each original linocut is printed to order, allowing my business to have the smallest possible environmental footprint.